Capital Teas is a fifth generation, family-owned specialty tea merchant. We offer more than 200 varieties of the highest quality loose-leaf teas and herbal infusions from the world's finest growing countries and regions, including Sri Lanka, India, China, Japan, Malawi, and Kenya. Our tea-ware products include traditional and modern teapots, brewers and infusers, and many other specialty items. We also offer artisanal honey, jams, tea-infused chocolate, and other gourmet packaged foods that accompany our teas.
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A tin of our Green Gojiberry Superfruit photographed by @brandlinkdc. Awesome shot! #tea

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Here are the #Teas brewing at our shops this week:

Strawberry Lane:
Strawberry Oolong:

Stop in for a taste of these Strawberry favorites!

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A #TeaQuote to take you into the weekend. Happy Brewing!

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*** Tea of the Day — Jasmine Gold Dragon Organic ***

In Stores and Online (

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*** Tea of the Day — Moroccan Mint ***

Brighten your day with this invigorating and refreshing beverage. Spearmint has been used for centuries to help cure many digestive ailments. Drink alone, or blend with green or black tea for a quick pick me up. Excellent iced or hot.

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Brewing at Capital Teas:

Jasmine Gold Dragon Organic:
Moroccan Mint:

Stop in and try our #tea!